Instagram round up + 5 baby essentials

Hello beautiful People ,

I’ve been away from here for a while , I decided to start blogging more about motherhood and less about fashion .

I haven’t had time to do any posts so here’s a round up of my last insta posts as you can see it’s all about sav lol , she’s perfect sorry not sorry .

I got asked to do a post about the essentials for babies so I thought I’d incorporate that into here .

When I was pregnant I had no clue what to get besides the basics bottles /pacis/ diapers lol .

So insta helped a lot with getting what I needed for Savannah .

I would say my number 1. essential were swaddles !! Sav still uses them now as a comfort for bedtime they were def a great purchase .

Target has some amazing ones now if your looking for patterns !

2.onesies , I never realized at first how much you’ll change them bc of spit , or accidental poop lol 😂

3. Teethers !! Omg those sleepless nights around 3-4 months! This was the only one she preferred .

4. Socks . She was born in winter and her poor little feet were always cold , we also used socks as mittens because actual mittens never stayed on !!

5. Rock n Play .. this was soooo helpful !! Luckily my sister in law let us borrow hers from my niece bc I didn’t even think to add it to my registry and it was my most used thing ! She would just sleep in there alllll day and night she loved it .

^ sleeping with her baby swaddle ☺️

^we had the best time out on a boat sav loved it ! She was scared of going in so she became the captain of the boat 😊

^ teething never stops lol she loves this teething Necklace !

Follow us on Instagram for day by day ! Also what essentials would you recommend?!

hi loves , Welcome to wildfloweredmama my name is doris im a 25 year old mama to my 2 year old daughter Savannah , &ive been married to my highschool sweetheart for 2 years now, this blog will mainly be me documenting my journey through motherhood , with my love for fashion and some good food recipes ! i hope you enjoy and thank you for following! collabs welcome Xx :)

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