Five Things You Should Do For Yourself

Hey Babes,

Today i wanted to share 5 things i try to do everyday to help me feel motivated, confident, and happy ! Some days can seem like were stuck in a rut , same routine everyday ( especially in winter when its freezing out ) you just feel sad and gloomy. or in my case I put others first before myself , Ive always tried to work on making my self feel happy to ensure i wont waste another day wishing it was friday , & Making the most of your day TODAY !

If you’re feeling stuck, try one of these and let me know how it made you feel !

Get Ready : oh man this is a tough one for me bc of the scheduale i have but little by little ive been trying to work on making sure at least my hair , ootd or lipstick is on point ! haha when youre feeling hot , you feel like the whole world can be ours, lol ( dreamer ) i love getting ready always have so making sure you feel your best is always a must – throw on your favorite jams in the am and look at yourself in the mirror say, im beautiful and do whatever makes you happy !

Treat Yourself : wouldn’t we all just loove to be able to have everything we pin on pinterest? like once ive pinned it it magically appears in my closet?? lol thatd be great ! but for now , saving up a little bit for yourself so you can buy something once a week or every two weeks  (budgeting is great !) it will feel so nice to say hey i want this im going to go get it – who doesnt love new thingss? i love getting at least an accessory because im super into anything accessories . i love hats scarves jewels all of that, my outfit can be plain but if i got the right accessories its on !

Read  a new book : if youre not the reading type try a new music playlist? I have tons of playlist I could share with y’all for feel good days , i love reading clearly bc i love writing haha , im very into books about enlightemnet , spirtuality, peace of mind . thats just me i love the idea of what you feel is what you give out so if im feeling happy and positive others around me will too ! your vibe attracts your tribe , am i right?

Exercise: this is something im stilll working on almsot two years after having sav, its just so so hard to find the time to get moving . once im off work i just wana lay down and cuddle with my fam lol now that sav is super into dancing – thanks mom! we go to her room and have a tiny dane party and she even helps me do some stretches – jumping jacks . she thinks its hilarious mommy exercises – ( makybe i just look funny doing it ) haha but i use love running i would do 4 miles daily , phew i just got out of breath typing that, kidding but i really want to get back into shape especially before we plan on bringing another babe into the world this mama cannot afford to gain another 50 lbs again no sirrrr !  my trick to making sure i want to work out is getting a new peice of athletic clothing ( maybe if i wear sowehting cute ill look cute doing it 🙂

Finding Good Friends : surrounding yourself/talking to people who make you feel amazing and vice versa is so so good for ones esteem . Be someone that others can hit up and have a fun, &inspiring chats with.I feel like I’m more interested in conversations with people that inspire me , and make me want to be better or do better. Getting new ideas from other mamas/bloggers is always something that I look for because we’re not alone on this mama hood journey .. I cannot stand the idea of if I have it you can’t , if I’m into this you can’t be , etc . But don’t Get me wrong there was a time I was like that (what a loser ) lol but I’ve learned to always keep and open mind and never stop growing your mind / spirit because in the end all we have is a good heart and soul to be remembered by .

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Hi Babes ! I'am Doris Elia i'm a 26 year old Boho Lovin’ Mama to my sassy 2 year old daughter, Savannah & I’ve been married to my highschool sweetheart for 3 years now. This blog will mainly be me documenting my journey through motherhood , with my love for fashion and good Vegan food! i hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by ! If you’d like to collaborate please email me Xxx

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