Co- Sleeping with a Toddler

When you’re pregnant with your first Bebe and you start to plan out everything and think about how you’ll raise them and how your routine will be once they’re earth side .. well for some reason some things just don’t pan out and one of them for me was her sleeping arrangement .

Don’t get me wrong at first I was totally against Co -sleeping, Eric was too he was terrified and I don’t blame him . But after about 4 months of her sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed she had gotten too big for it and I just laid her down next to us because I was so dang tired and it made it easy for me to feed her . It kind of just never went back after that haha . Around 6 months I tried laying her in the crib for bedtime and she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming crying and no I am not a fan of letting them “cry it out ” because a . We live in an apartment and noise travels especially a screaming baby at 1 am .. and b. I just don’t feel comfortable with that .

As soon as she would wake up I would bring her back into our room , which at that point I knew mistakes were made haha.

Fast forward to her now almost being 2 and she still Co -sleeps with us we think of how hard it will be to have her sleep alone at night in her own room .

So you ask would we Co – sleep again if we could go back the answer is absolutely Not .

although we’ve benefited a lot from Co-sleeping , It’s soooo hard to get a good sleep when a toddler is kicking you in the face or her whole body is on yours lol.

But if you’re looking for some pros and cons here’s mine –


  • LO’S sleep through the night , whenever they wake up during the night it’s easier to soothe them back to sleep and feed them if they’re already next to you .
  • LO’S feel safe and secure knowing they are next you for the night . My LO has/had night terrors since she was 6months so being able to comfort her thru those while she’s by my side was so effortless for us .
  • The special bond between us. Savvy has become so aware of when we sleep/wake up she’ll have her”good morning” and “goodnight ” cuddles /kisses ready . And let me tell you there’s nothing better than waking up next to her and hearin morning mami !!!! Great way to start the day . Also this helps for parents who are gone all day to feel close to their bebes at night .

Cons :

  • Dependency on you for sleep . Sav wont sleep anywhere at night if I’m not next to her ! This makes for anytime to your self or bedtime hard for me .
  • The obvious risk factors and unfortunate tragedies of parents co -sleeping .
  • No intimacy with your SO. Now obviously you can go to another room but your bedroom should be your bedroom lol .
  • As mentioned above NO ROOM !!

Obviously everyone has their preference and how they Co – sleep but I would definitely say it just makes it harder for you in the long run and what about another kid ?there’s just not a bed big enough haha.

I’m hoping once she turns two we’ll make it an effort to transition over to her big girl bed .so send good vibes because I damn well know my super clingy babe and her overly attached mom will need it 😂

What’s your sleeping arrangement and would you change it ?

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