A Whole Llama Fun

Hey everyone !

Long time no post , sorry life gets busy like that . But If you’re reading this thank you !! Means a lot , blogging is still something I’m passionate about and want to pursue I just need to find the time and work life balance again .

So for Savannah’s party I wanted a theme that was easy and fast and literally when I saw this theme back in May I was like yep that’s it haha . She had an amazing time at her party she did not leave the dance floor since the music started !

Uhh but I cannot believe she’s

T W O .

Time flies sooo incredibly fast , I’m so grateful I get to be her mom and get to enjoy all of her forever . She’s honestly the best little girl I’ve ever met , she’s so kind so caring soooo funny like if y’all know her you know just how funny and spunky her little fierce personality is . She’s got her ‘tude down like a 15 year old already lol -were In Trouble, she loves all her “babies”, playing kitchen and she’s obsessed with broccoli soup lol , she’s a little chatter box I love our little conversations. I cannot say enough about my tiny baby doll – read my insta caption on her bday if you want a sappy post lol I just gush about her because I could not be more proud of who she is.

Ok so For her pics I literally just took them on my phone because she’s so impatient sometimes and my phones faster than the camera lol.

all the decor I mainly got on Etsy ! &Her outfit off insta shops- her cookies and pretzels were made by my mother in laws good friend who does all our treats ! I’ll link everything down below !

But the main big pizzazz piece was her cake ! OMG her cake was absolutely beautiful and such a dream better than what I imagined or planned on getting , my girlfriend asked if she could get the cake for us from someone she knows and Of course I said yeah that’d be perfect ! And he definitely delivered I mean it wasn’t only a beautiful cake it was delicious! I’ll post a link to his insta if your from the Chicagoland area !

I want to thank everyone who came to her party because it was so cold and it started snowing and January birthdays are hard lol but I’m so blessed she’s surrounded by so many wonderful people who lover her 💕

Gold llama/cactus cupcake toppers /Dos cake topper / Cactus print balloons / Rose gold large #2 / Colorful tassel garland / Large cactus balloon / Cactus candles / Llama invite / Rose gold happy birthday / Macrame garland Andrews cake insta/ Tutu / Flower crown insta

Thanks for reading loves

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