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It’s Friday , it’s 20 degrees and I’m feeling good . This past week has been so hard on me I was sick Monday from what I think was food poisoning, and Wednesday and yesterday Chicago was in record breaking below freezing temps so you can only imagine it’s been hard to get my body back to feeling good and back to feeling myself , today I actually slapped some makeup up on so that’s huge haha .

I love reading blog posts about makeup favorites so I thought I’d share mine today .

1. Foundation –Estée Lauder Double Wear

I have naturally acne prone skin it’s just something I’ve always dealt with so I honestly haven’t changed my foundation for years since it actually covers my scars / redness really well and I haven’t found another that doesn’t leave me feeling caked . I really love this brands line I just wish it was cruelty free – I also know this one is a bit on the full coverage side so if you have skin like mine and found a light weight foundation you love send it my way ! I use the shade 2c3 fresco

2.Mascara –Tarte’s Lights , Camera , Lashes

My favorite go to-s are always big lashes and a nice Lip color I won’t feel complete without them ! I have pretty great lashes on their own so when I don’t feel like using falsies this mascara really intensifies them and makes my eyes pop ! And this brand is cruelty free so a huge plus !

3. Eyebrows – Anastasia Dip Brow

We already know all the rage is having great eyebrows, my eyebrows are definitely not sisters but distant cousins LOL they are way different from each other so it’s taken me a looong time to perfect them and make sure they look somewhat the same , this dip brow is amazing and I’m sure everyone uses it haha but my biggest tip would be to go in as lightly as you can at first and pack it on in your sparse areas to make it a more natural look since this product is so creamy . I use the color Auburn

4. Blush –Burt’s Bees Blush

Did Anyone else have a love hate relationship with blush ? When I was younger I swore blush off just because I felt like it made me look like a clown – when in reality I just didn’t know how to apply makeup smh ,seriously tho shout out to the teens who are bosses at applying makeup now a days but I’d like to give YouTube credit for that lol i could have used tutorials back in the day , but now I feel like blush makes my face look warm and fresh ! It’s all about learning what colors best go with your skin tone . I really love products without strong smells and this blush is perfect ! I use the color shy pink

5. Lips- Colourpop Liquid Lipstick

Ok last but definitely not least lips ! I am obsessed with this brand ! When I first tried their lip products I was won over ! I love how they apply and the applicator makes it so easy to line your lips with it , you don’t even need lip liner ! and if we’ve all learned something from Miss Kylie Jenner is how to over line our lips lol I’m obsessed I love making my lips look the most naturally pouty I can ! These are also so perfect because they don’t come off on my face like other matte products I’ve tried , somehow it always ends up on my chin lol , but these stay on for long and also come in the best colors ! I also recommend nyx lipsticks because they’re cheap and a dupe for Kylie lip kits !

Thanks for reading !

hi loves , Welcome to wildfloweredmama my name is doris im a 25 year old mama to my 2 year old daughter Savannah , &ive been married to my highschool sweetheart for 2 years now, this blog will mainly be me documenting my journey through motherhood , with my love for fashion and some good food recipes ! i hope you enjoy and thank you for following! collabs welcome Xx :)

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