3 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Hello Loves ,

Hope this finds you well , I’ve been waiting to do some fun treats like this for a while and what other perfect holiday than Valentine’s Day ! There’s nothing better than easy deserts and these three literally take less than 10 minutes each .

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries –

Who doesn’t love these ?!? I make these every year , they’re so delicious ! I usually make them the night before so they’re ready in the morning . I lay out the strawberries on a cookie sheet and then I take chocolate chips and melt them , next just dip them in the melted chocolate & place them back on the sheet and decorate as you please ! Once finished put them in the freezer for overnight. This year I couldn’t find as many valentine sprinkles so I just went with these ❤️



2. Frosted Oreos-

For the Oreos i really wanted to do them in a white chocolate dip but I forgot to buy some lol so I used pink frosting instead and froze them overnight they tasted like an ice cream Oreo ! These were a hit for sure.

3. M&M Popcorn Mix –

Just recently we decided to let Sav try popcorn and I just sit and watch her to make sure she’s ok as you know this treat can be a little tricky for toddlers so if you don’t feel comfortable feeding it to them then Don’t ! I sure wasn’t at first haha , but she now loooves popcorn and this is the easiest of them all just throw in some valentine themed m&m’s and some red sprinkles and you’re done !

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let me know what Treats you love making for this holiday !

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