Celebrating 10 Years Together!

Uhm what ! We made it to ten years together hubbs!!!

How crazy does that sound .

I remember the first time I ever saw eric when we were in eighth grade and I said to myself I’m gonna marry him , mind you Ive never even spoken to him before lol but I just knew ..

We didn’t start dating until sophomore year of highschool and there was never a doubt in my mind that he was gonna be the one for me forever …

Fast forward ten years and we’ve been married for almost 3 years , and have the most beautiful little girl in the world ! I couldn’t be happier with the life we’ve come to build together.

I can honestly say eric is one of a kind.

I’ve never doubted his love for me and I think that’s something that goes along way in a relationship, he’s never failed to make sure he put me first before anything and now the way he provides for sav and I , he’s truly amazing .

Iam definitely better when I’m with him & he knows just how to balance my emotions and concerns with his logic and ration -that’s the libra in him . He’s the prefect balance for me and I hope he can say the same for me haha .

I wouldn’t change us one bit every thing we’ve gone thru has made us who we are and helped make our relationship as strong as it is, obviously it’s not all rainbows and butterflies but it definitely helps having someone like Eric to help make sure it gets to that point after a hardship .

Some of my favorite memories together :

1. Road tripping to Disney world for my 21st birthday

2. The millions of times we just sit and laugh and watch our favorite movies /shows together -we like being homebodies sometimes

3. Getting married ! And watching him dance all night haha

4. Having our daughter – no other moment will ever compare to this he was amazing during my labor and he wouldn’t take his eyes off her after she was here – swoon

5. Finding out we were having a girl – we both swore we wanted a boy sooo bad but the moment I found out it was a girl – omg nothing compared & we instantly knew she was going to be our whole world . Now Eric only wants girls lol

Favorite things about each other

Doris –

1. His sense of humor -I’ve never met someone as funny as him he always makes sure to put a smile on my face – even when I’m being a grouch lol

2. The way he accepts me for all my flaws and imperfections and how he always calls me beautiful even if i look like a just rolled around the mud and walked the desert for 3 days , how he knows exactly what to do when I’m giving him attitude for no reason lol

3. How much of a family man he is , the way he loves his mom the way he loves my family too , my baby brother literally grew up only knowing eric he was 4 when we first got together and now he’s at the age Eric and I first met ! Ugh it’s crazy lol but eric loves My brothers and sister like crazy and how much he loves my nephew is just so amazing ❤️ nothing like family ❤️

4. He’s my biggest cheerleader- there’s never been a time he didn’t support or help me when I really needed it most – also he’s took on the role of being the best photographer for my blog

5. How great of a dad he is – he just knew what to do even when I was freaking out at first when I wasn’t able to breast feed and he would be so calm and soothing and say not everyone can do it and made me feel like a super mom even when I felt like I was failing her . He’s for sure going to be her favorite even tho I’m hers right now – he’s definitely a lot of fun and I can wait for all the days to come with my perfect pair .

6. How he never says never – he makes sure to make a point that anything is possible as long as you work for it .

Eric –

1. How great of a mom you are to savvy- she loves you a lot

2. Your a great cook – thanks for All the times you cook for us

3. You always know what Savannah needs and I never have to worry about packing her stuff because you’ve already done it without me asking or worrying about it

4. How funny you are you can always joke around with me and I love how we can go back and forth and it’s always in good vibes

5. You’re so fun- I can have so much fun with you and we could be doing nothing at all

Least favorite –

Doris – he’s suchhhh a clean freak lol it’s a love hate thing because I never clean but if there’s even a crumb he freaks out haha ok maybe I’m exaggerating but I’m definitely not ocd about cleaning like him

Eric – she never puts the dirty cups in the dishwasher and always forgets her clothes in the wash 😂

Quick q&a

1. What’s your favorite thing to do together ?

D- drive around and pick up food and talk for hours

E- getting dinner together

2. How do you pick date nights ?

D- date night what’s that ? Lol jk we try to get out just us two sometimes it’s hard but usually we go to the movies and dinner

E- we usually just do movie and dinner

3.do you want more kids ?

D- 2 more !

E- 1 more for sure maybe 2

4.what does he/she do that makes you smile instantly?

D- when he plays hide and seek/ kitchen with savvy it’s so adorable

E- when she cooks dinner and jokes around a lot

5. If you could travel anywhere where would you go ?

D- Greece !

E- London babbyyy! ( Joeys voice ) lol

6. What do you think makes a relationship strong & healthy ?

D- compromises and communication! Those are the BIG ones , you shouldn’t be in a relationship if you can’t communicate you’re emotions and feelings with your partner and learn to compromise on what you Both need to move forward .

E- Trust and communication- those are my biggest things sometimes it takes Doris a while to communicate and it’s something she’s working on haha but without that there’s no moving forward

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