3 Dressy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

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Okay so it’s been MONTHS since I posted outfits on here and I apologize to those who are here for fashion as well , I have no excuses but I just got so deep into a self depression mode where I felt like I was dwelling in how I use to look before baby girl and not appreciating how I look now. I’ve come to realize self pittywont help me feel better or help me overcome this slump I’ve been in so I decided to start little by little getting back into what use to make me happy and that’s fashion ! I’ve always been obsessed with putting together outfits as you can see with sav lol & I really appreciate a good look so I’m going to try and keep these coming for y’all .

* all items linked are similars *

Skirt/ Blouse / Nude heels

Black dress / Leather jacket / Heels

So normally I wouldn’t wear these three out just because it’s still freezing here in Illinois on the 14th so these won’t be my outfit for the day but I like to get in the spirit and pretend like I won’t freeze if I wear these. Also I use to love wearing heels but it’s actually taken me a long time to lose the water weight / bloating from sav that my heels wouldn’t fit and if they did I’d be too uncomfortable so I’ve held off on them but now they fit perfect and I feel like i can walk a runway 🙌🏼 and idk bout y’all but as soon as I throw on some heels I feel super confident & sexy so that’s a plus haha !

Heels / Dress / Long cardi

never be afraid to get ready for yourself!

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hi loves , Welcome to wildfloweredmama my name is doris im a 25 year old mama to my 2 year old daughter Savannah , &ive been married to my highschool sweetheart for 2 years now, this blog will mainly be me documenting my journey through motherhood , with my love for fashion and some good food recipes ! i hope you enjoy and thank you for following! collabs welcome Xx :)

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