Savannah’s Hair Care Routine: How – To

Hi loves !

Hope this finds you all well , currently writing this early in the a.m before work while savvy watches doc mcstuffins as she’s laying her precious curls on me ❤️

Ohh those curls my girl has they are so beautiful! I can’t tell you how many times she gets compliments on them and the occasional where’d she get her hair from ?

Truth is Eric and I both had curly hair as kids same hair color too , and even now our Hair type is thick and wavy .

Although her hair is just the cutest thing ever , it has become so so hard to do her hair , she just won’t sit still and more often than not now it turns into a fit mixed with serious dramatic tears lol.

Literally trying to brush her hair out can sometimes turn into a wrestling match , so with that being said we hardly brush out her hair . Well this – and the reason that I just don’t want to cause her hair any breakage , we won’t brush it as often , Maybe 2 out of 6 washes I’ll brush it!

Btath Time –

We try to minimize how many times we wash it out over all  , especially with the cold weather right now we don’t want to cause her scalp anymore drying than it needs so if we don’t have to wash it out we won’t .

I Always make sure the water is at its best lukewarm temp to ensure that no unnecessary heat touches it ,

As far as shampoo products , I really like theAveeno for the winter and Tubby Todd for her hair in the summer for a more natural shampoo that isnt so creamy . I recently have been trying out a curl infuser that works as a detangle cream too which is this one Here

And it has worked really well so far anddd smells amazing!!

When it does come time to brush out her curls I try to always use a wide tooth comb like This because it hurts her / tugs at her less since the bristles are far apart and i brush it while in the bath using the shampoo as a detangler , i start brushing out the bothom of her hair first and  then slowly start going from her roots to the tips – her tangles are usually right at middle where her pony tail is . & FYI this step takes lots of patience oy vey !

After Bath-

I quickly towel dry her hair to remove the dampness of it & let it air dry for the night this step is key to making her curls stay super tight and give it those cute ringlets ,

Style Time –

For those who have Savannah hair envy – question –  have you seen her “bed head hair “? Lol kidding but really it becomes this huge frizzy -curl – mess and depending on how she sleeps and now with her hair getting longer some times when she wakes from naps some of her longer curls have gone flat .

I usually always try to style her hair up in a half up/down top knot  because she doesn’t like her hair in her face at all (it’s actually so long it’s past her shoulders but you wouldn’t know until you wash it out! )

I think I got so lucky that she loves wearing bows & head wraps, because I’m obsessed with them to haha she always asks for a bow if I didn’t put one on 🙂

I’ve found that when I use the tiny rubber Bands in her hair it hurts her a lot when I take them out and find her hair coming out with the band , so I only use these for her braided hairstyles ,

I came across this awesome Small shop on insta that has recently announced they are going to start selling toddler scrunchies and immediately I was sold I looveeee scrunchies and have been using mine on sav for her top knots

the shop owner was so nice to send over a toddler scrunchie for sav to try out and she loves it and said “mami no hurt ” when I took it out ! Huge score 🙌🏼 she approves !

As far as styling products I’ve tried not to use any up until now that she’s a bit older . I really didn’t want unnecessary toxins on her scalp and im a paranoid first time momma who thought any products on her would make her break out lol  but so now if her bed head is out to play I use This to tame it back into place .

For the days when I decide to style it in braids or leave it down naturally I’ll use this Mousse to make the hair stays in place & plus it smells so good !


how do i get her to stay put for a styling?

Easy – Snacks!!! Mickey Mouse and whatever else your kid likes to distract them

But Most Importantly Always try to make it a fun experience for them I usually have her hold the scrunchies or bows until I need them ask her to pick out what bow she would wanna wear that day , and when I use products ill have her help out .she loves when I squirt the moousse into her hands and she rubs it in herself .

This Makes it easier for the next time when you remind them they can help out !

^ her face when I say let me brush your hair LOL

^straight after a bath^

*Some of my favorite pictures of her hair 💕

Thanks again for reading !

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