Roasted Chickpea Pitas

Hey guys !!

I wanted to share this easy and delicious recipe with y’all –

I looove food and cooking and what’s better than healthy meals ?

I really like easy recipes that don’t take as long because after work although I’m so hungry I’m way too lazy to cook a full course meal haha so here’s a lazy one for ya !

What you’ll need :

2 Mini pitas or as many as you’d like to make

1 can of Garbanzo beans

1 can of Black beans

1 avocado

1 tbsp of Olive oil or sprinkle on as much as you’d like I don’t really measure

3 Bell peppers

Cream cheese – vegan or sour cream non vegans

Half a cup of Cilantro

Spices to your liking

Chipotle sauce or Asian bang bang sauce

A cup of jalapeños

Start roasting!

Set your oven to 450 degrees

Lay out chickpeas on a cookie sheet with the olive oil,

stirring around to make sure they’ve all soaked up some oil .

Add bell peppers and jalapeños

Roast for 25-30 minutes.

*Toast pitas in the oven for the last 7 minutes of timer*

Ready to eat !

Once finished ,

Smear the cream cheese on pitas along with the avocado spread

Add chickpeas with peppers

Black beans


Sprinkle on the sauce at the end

And enjoy !!!

* the best thing about this is you can top it with what ever you like ! *

All together it may take at most 45 minutes and there’s always yummy leftovers for work the next day !

Thanks for reading,

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