Easter Basket Favorites

I’ve rounded up my favorite items from around the house plus some new items to come up with Sav’s Easter basket this year .

Honestly it was sooo easy putting it together because I just used what she already had because let’s face it in reality nobody has the time or the money to keep up with the “influencers” over – the freaking – top Easter baskets .

And To be quite frank they didn’t even purchase half the items since small shops send them free stuff !

So don’t try to compare your basket’s to ANYONE else’s . You do you and do what works best for your family ! Also it’s Easter not Xmas sooooo ..

I’m milking the whole “she just loves getting “surprised” and doesn’t care what it is ” thing for as long as I can lol it just makes me so happy knowing I’m giving her what she truly wants and loves.

Side note I surprised her with a lemon last Easter and she was soooooo happy she didn’t wanna give it back haha .

Okay so her basket is from target which I got when she was just 3 months old , and I didn’t see this when I recently went but there’s tons of cute options I’ll link some faves below –

One/Two/ Three /Four

What’s inside ?

1. Honest Company

Shampoo, conditioner, and a detangle spray for those out of control curls !

2.Peppa Pig Bandaids

She came with me to get some of these items and she picked out these bandaids because she thought it was so silly Peppa was covered in mud lol.

3.Plum Organics

Savannah is obsessed with these things ! They’re soo good and such a healthy snack for your little one especially if all they’re getting at the egg hunts is chocolate! 🙂

4. Play Dough

Who doesn’t looove playing with this stuff ? She got these for Xmas and we have used them a lot since !

A fun idea for next year would be These Easter themed cutouts ! Note to self , to make playtime exciting !

5. Easter Stickers

Last year I put an Easter themed Book for her and it was her favorite for so long & so I decided to go with stickers this time around she loves decorating her toys with them !

6.Wooden Egg

Okay this was just tooo cute I had to get it and we are gonna decorate it this weekend !

7. Teething Necklace

If you know sav you know she loves to accessorize! She now uses this teething necklace as a fashion statement haha !

8. Kitty Necklace

They have a bunny one but I got the kitty one for Xmas! I love how fairy tale like they are .

9. Princess’s

Sav loooves her little people house that she got for Xmas , and recently she’s become obsessed with Beaty and the beast , so when I saw Belle in this little people collection i haaad to get it for her she spent the whole night playing princess’s with daddy !

10. Onesies

We have a discount code for you for her site ! Use sav10 to save a little 🙂


I can’t get enough of all her prints !! Give us all things flower printed!

12. Blue leggings

I love this color sooo much and these leggings are by far my favorite they’re so soft and they double as capris when she gets older & taller!

13. Tights

How cute are these ? Can’t wait to pair them with so many outfits I already have planned in my head for her lol

14. Purple Socks

Because I love knees high socks and this is my favorite color !

15. Sunglasses

I’m pretty sure everyone & their mommas got these glasses for their daughters LOL . #basic #whocares

16. Bunny-Eared Chick , Purple Bunny

I don’t remember where I got these 2 but I found the exacts here !

Any stuffed bunny/chick works tho 💜

Hope you enjoyed xoxo

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