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Is it just me or is everything you said you wouldn’t do before becoming a mom just gone to sh*ts and now you’re THAT mom you said you’d never be ?

I can so easily remember the top two things I said I would never do/ let my child do and Screen Time is absolutely one of them .

I feel like this is a hot topic amongst mothers online kinda like breastfeeding , and so many have their own opinions on how to raise children but at the end of the day it’s what works best for YOU and your family and its your child , I’m just here to share my personal experiences and what’s worked for me .

I can proudly say savannah is a very well behaved child , very polite , kind and gentle , but I would be lying if I said she has never thrown a tantrum or two ..

she is the queen of throwing tantrums at home *thankfully not in public , yet *

So especially now that we’ve entered the “terrible twos” she is going through a phase where she must have everything her way and her favorite word at the moment is NO.

Example – Savannah let’s change you – NO

Savannah let’s go mommy’s running late , NOOOOO.

It’s a blast really .

And I can write a whole different blog post on dealing with tantrums that’s a whole separate story .

Around 9 months I believe is when I introduced her to YouTube specifically baby shark because it was all the rage , and she was so adorable dancing and clapping to it so I would always show it to her when we would drive far somewhere , and ever since she always asks for it and that’s really the only time we let her have the phone .

I don’t mind letting her watch videos that are actually educational and beneficial to her which there are some great ones on YouTube .

I just cannot stand the random toy opening videos or pretend stuffed animal videos with the same song playing in the back round “Johnny Johnny ?” Yea sorry I know that’s stuck in your head now , same here!!

I really do feel as if her vocabulary and imagination has grown a lot quicker than other kids her age because of some of these videos , everyone knows kids brains are like sponges so she grasped onto the colors and numbers soooo quick .

By one she knew almost all her colors , and animals .Now at two she can count in English and Spanish past ten which I’m so proud of and knows almost everything from colors to the alphabet to different animal noises , literally I could go on forever she really knows a whole lot for just being two.

Given that we do read and explore with her outside of screen time to help her learn all these things too , but I do believe she has benefited greatly from her small amount of screen time she gets .

I’m not saying give your child your phone / iPad and send them on their way ..

Eric and I like to sit with her and watch the video and kinda repeat back to her what they’re trying to teach her from the video and she loves that because she will love to act out the video after we’ve put the phone away . I did read that this is a healthy part of there development to co-play & co-watch with them .

Benefits :

  • Understanding digital tools provides a readiness for school- let’s face it our children will grow up in the digital world mostly all school work is now done on computers , this is just setting them up for success by being able to know their way around a smartphone.
  • Support of family interactions -my grandparents live in Texas and it’s been amazing being able to FaceTime them to stay connected with them for savannah to know her great grandparents through a digital device is so helpful, she knows how to end the call when it’s done now too which is adorable.
  • Support of parent and child interactiveness- like I said before co-viewing and co-playing throughout the video is so beneficial To your child as they see your imagination come through they will let out their creative side as well .

Cons :

  • Sleep deprivation- depending on how much screen time you allow your child , studies do show the longer they are attached to a screen the less they will want to stop what they’re doing to fall asleep .
  • Aggression – again all depends on the parent and child’s relationship. if the child is left alone with the screen and the parents or someone else tries to remove the screen time form them , studies show the child is more like to become irritated and throw a tantrum once taken away. I can absolutely see this as a con as even a two minute screen time for sav has sometimes fallen into a tantrum once I took it away – we had to explain to her why that wasn’t okay and that screen tone was a privilege that she had to understand . Like most kids she followed thru right then and there but she’s only two .. tantrums are a thing regardless of screen time or not . Don’t beat yourself up .
  • Loss of social skills – kids tend to become more introverted and have trouble connecting with other kids when they spend too much time online. This is a hugeeee no go since you want your kid to be able to have face to face connections with their peers especially at such a young age !

Favorite videos:

For Babies: 

Baby Shark


Peek a Boo


Las Formas


For a Toddler:













How much screen time is appropriate for a toddler ?

Research says an hour a day is the maximum a toddler should be online .

We like to look at this as spread out throughout the day as Eric and I don’t allow her screen time after we get off work because that’s our family time .

Screen time for her is usually the weekends and the drives home from her grammas house which is a two minute drive !

Again I always like to say everyone is entitled to feel how they want to feel , and I feel like we’ve so far benefited from allowing screen time to our toddler babe .


Thanks for reading !

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