MY vegan life plus tips to transition.

Loves !! Okay I finally got around to sharing this , I know a lot of you sent me dms asking me to share tips on transitioning Into a more plant based lifestyle and I thought I’d share them along with my WHY .

I do want to start by saying that this post isn’t to try and convince you to go vegan , I never want anyone to get that impression or to feel like I would judge them by how they live their life , just as I hope you wouldn’t judge me , I am an extremely open minded person and accept everyone as they are . Im just trying to express my passion toward this lifestyle and my experiences and choices and why I made them , and if I can help those who wish to change their own lifestyles I’m 100% going to continue to share !

Going vegan for me was sooo extremely easy as it was an emotional decision. I say this because as a child I grew up watching the killing of animals for food and always felt that was wrong. And as I grew older I did my research & I was so overwhelmed while watching documentaries in the awful injustice treatment of animals and what it does to our health , I knew I wanted to make a difference for myself and for them . Now I do believe that not every dairy farm or farmers treat their animals this way , personally I made the decision to not eat meat because I now know we do not need to eat animals to survive and I don’t believe in the killing of animals for any reason .

My biggest tip to start would be to make small changes to your everyday life, and to look at it as a lifestyle and not a diet !

•add foods first – We aren’t necessarily cutting out any foods as there are sooo many good substitutes for your favorites that taste even yummieer ! Just giving it a try is a huge step forward . Go to you local grocery store and pick up new foods you never thought you’d try before , Brussels sprouts , lentils , tofu. Side tip for this make your favorite foods vegan ! Try making a vegan pizza or a tofu crumble taco and you won’t feel like your “missing out ” on anything .

•find your why – there are so many reason one may want to go vegan the main reasons would be for the animals , for your health , and for the environment. Choose your why and stick to it and never let any one make you feel bad for making a personal choice . It’s personal and if someone can’t respect that that’s a reflection of them and not you . Do your part to make a difference for yourself and the world and you’ll come to find that your decision is always what matters most .

• do research- I’ve watched a couple documentaries that are very informative on the dairy industry and what it does to your health and the environment and they are definitely an eye opener. Also I advise to do your research on the nutrients you’ll need as well , when I first went vegetarian I didn’t do much research and got to be very sick , I went to get checked and was told I was lacking a lot of iron and b12 , I’ve always been anemic but just didn’t realize how much i needed iron . I take multivitamin supplements and add a lot of high iron plants to my daily intake . I also use nutritional yeast in some foods for an extra of b12.

•go at you own pace- it is very important to know that it is okay to make small strides ! Don’t feel the need to be a perfectionist straight off the bat I definitely wasn’t and I am still learning everyday and growing my knowledge of this plant based lifestyle. I suggest starting off with 2 days of the week eating plant based and making progress as you get more comfortable .

•support – there are so many wonderful pages I’ve found on Instagram that are very informative and supportive in your decision to go vegan . Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you think your family won’t be supportive at least you’ll know you have friends online who can help . I get asked a lot how I feel that my family isn’t vegan , and honestly that is their choice , the wonderful thing is they all support me and always make sure I’ll have something to eat when making decisions to go out to eat or at family parties . I am very grateful for that and I just hope that I can make small impacts in their lives.

I hope this was helpful , and I hope you guys know you can reach out if you have questions or need a recipes or two 🙂

Thanks for reading ,

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