5 Cutoffs You Need

Have you ever found the perfect pair of shorts and suddenly you have them in every color &style they made ?

Because I have and I’m definitely sticking with them for as long as I can . I naturally have thicker thighs so I always strayed away from shorts even as a kid I hated them, it’s taken me a while to find the style that best flatters my legs and I think it’s sooo important to keep in mind that not every pair of shorts are made For you even if they come in your size , for example I find that shorts that are sewn folded , don’t work for me as they make my thighs incredibly squished together and it gives me no mobility and a flattened butt ? , I rather like the cutoffs that are flowy because it doesn’t emphasize the thickness of your legs and just flatters the bum area better , which I’m all for .

Going into the store with the mentality that you’ll find the perfect pair and even if you don’t it’s okay , will make your shopping experience much better rather than dwelling in the fact the those shorts made you look  “bigger ” . Something I’ve come to grasp a lot better .

Here are my favorite styles.

I’m wearing #3 in this picture !

Click on the picture to take you to the link 🙂


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