90’s kid .

Ive been trying to grow out my bangs & I feel like it’s been taking me f o r e v e r.

I’m super anal about my hair and i will freak out if I notice my roots are way grown out or if my bangs are uneven , which right now they are and it’s driving me insane !!

But Luckily the 90’s are back , & hair clips are in & all the rage. I use to wear these religously as a kid because i just thought they were cute and my mom would do up our hair with those cute little butterfly clips, which are also in right now lol.

I’ve purchased  a bunch of cute hair clips that have been keeping me and my bangs sane. I really love playing with them and coming up with different hairstyles and also they make me look very put together for work when I’m definitely not feeling all that  put together so like i always say Accessorize it really makes a difference !!

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