Make A Statement

I’ve come across this shop & I’m obsessed the pro -boho feels & good vibes it puts out is everything I love in a shop . The shop owner is the sweetest & we share the same love of a boho , vegan , free spirit life !

Her tees are a must have staple in any closet and I wish I could have them all . One of my fav tees I’ve purchased from her is this save our plant tee , I’ve recently been into being more mindful of my actions & doing my part to be more eco – friendly.

I’ve always recycled , never littered , turned off water when I brushed my teeth etc . but I wasn’t doing this as consistently as one should , I’ve read so many upsetting stories of our animals in the ocean who succumb to human waste , and I’m disgusted . We could do sooo much more and better to ensure our kids and their kids And so forth have a healthy thriving earth to live on !!!

Can you imagine a world without turtles ?



You may think your only one person & not part of the problem but can you imagine everyone who thinks this way ? It adds up !! Please take time to research how you can help save our planet ! I love reusing , clothes , bags , cups , anything that can stop single use items .

if you want a good documentary to watch that really goes into depth on the benefits of being a vegan for our environment watch Cowspiracy on Netflix . So Goood. It Almost turned my husband vegan right then and there .. he’s taking baby steps tho which I’m so proud of !

Be the voice for the voiceless, be the change.

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