It’s been a little over two months since savannah started dance class and it’s been such an incredible experience. The main reason I wanted to get her into an activity early is because I wanted her to get use to going into a room of kids aka school and being ok that mommy isn’t there . Some days she does good some days she wants mommy in the room watching which I totally get . But overall she absolutely loves it. We just had her very first dance recital and that was absolutely adorable ! Tears from all of us at how wonderful she did on a big stage In Front of a bunch of strangers staring at her lol . I 10/10 recommend getting your babes in an activity early , she’s learned so much in how to deal with other kids and teachers too . She’s always been very social but dance class lets her express her silly self & it’s really enjoyable . When I first signed her up I had no clue where or what to buy her for class so I wanted to put together a tiny dancer necessities list to help out other mamas that struggle to know where to start in shopping for class . Let me know if your little one is in any activities I’d love to hear what your most proud of !

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